Crown of Might general:
- To conquer other territories (occupied or unoccupied) you need at least one soldier in your campaign army. Your knights are peculiar, they refuse to fight without soldiers.
- It makes not always sense (in particular at the early stage) to build a big army for especially soldiers will cause current costs and use up your income.


On the battlefield it's the most important to be a good strategist, as he can lead the army the best.
For that reason Cedric of Rotherwood is first choice.
But the strength in swordplay is significant, too (that is why your and your opponent's strengths are shown during the fight)
If you are a better swordfighter than your opponent it is of advantage to fight agressive and start a surprise attack. (ATTACK)
If you are a weaker swordfighter (or equal in strength) than your opponent it is efficient to fight defensive and let the enemy attack. (STAND AND FIGHT)
A wild attack won't be of any advantage.

- Before you start conquering, take a look at the map to get an idea of how much gold and vassals each territory will bring in.
(in general the northern territories are the poorest and the southern territories are the richest.)
- Being able to build strongholds is an invaluable advantage you have over your opponents. Placed skillfully they prevent the enemy from progressing as without catapult he can't attack it. Even when the opponent has conquered one of your strongholds with overwhelming supremacy, at least the stronghold served one purpose: it weakened the enemy's army.

Lay siege to a castle:

When laying siege to a castle, again, a strong leader will do a better job. The army is well organized and for that reason you have more projectiles available to fire with the catapult.
A weaker leader must do with less projectiles.
On the other hand keep in mind: The better your enemy is in leading, the more projectiles must hit his castle walls until you can assault the castle.
-It's your task to hit the castle's battlements.

Controlling the catapult:
- first mouse-click on catapult loads ammunition, after that you adjust the tension of the catapult arm and thus the range.
A good starting point is the 4th position from bottom. Pull the catapult arm all the way back to start, and then move it up three steps.
- second mouse-click on catapult fires projectile.
After the first shot click on the catapult again.
Now it jumps into the position of the first shot. (do not yet click or move!)
If the first shot went long, on the second attempt move the arm up 1 - 3 steps, dependant on how far the shot missed the target.
If the first shot went short, move it down 1 - 3 steps, dependant on how far the shot missed the target.

With some practice you will learn to estimate how far the shot missed the target.
Once you have hit the walls the rest is easy.
Each following shot you simply lower the tension by one step and hope the ammunition will suffice.
(After each shot click again once on the catapult, it jumps into the position of the previous shot.)

 It is rumoured that a "cocksure" tactics exists:
  1. shot:  starting point is 4th position from bottom
  2. shot:  2 steps up or down
  3. shot:  1 step up or down

Tournament in Ashby:

In the passage of arms it's most important to be a good jouster, for he can wield the lance more skillfully.
For that reason Gareth of Galway is first choice. But on his big day Timothy Lightfoot can beat all opponents, too.
As you may freely choose your opponent it's the best to start against a weak opponent (for instance Reginald Front-de-Boeuf)
and joust just for fame.

Although the jousting is a rather time-critical matter the question is to keep cool:
- Yet before the helmet is closing you can move the lance (cursor) to your opponent
(the horse's mane or the shield are good starting points).
- When the opponent starts you move the lance with him and try to level at the shield.
- Now it's the point to get the right moment for the strike. (Hint: The right moment is rather later as one may expect.)
- To knock down the opponent you must hit the centre of the shield, not too early and not too late.
- If you strike too early you will miss the opponent, if you strike too late he will knock you down.
- Another tip: Count the number of the horse's bounces to get an idea of the measure of time.
- But be aware! Beware of hitting the opponent's horse, as one who kills a horse in the passage of arms will be banished
from the tournament for life.
- If you are proclaimed Champion of the Tournament, your strength in leading (otherwise strength in jousting) will increase one step.

Raiding a castle:

To raid a castle it's the most important to be a strong swordfighter, for he will endure more hits. Here Timothy Lightfoot is first choice.
But even Cedric of Rotherwood on his big day (and when he's drunken enough) can beat all opponents.
For practise you should choose a castle of a weak swordfighter (for instance Brian de Bois Guilbert).

Controlling the swordfight:
- leftclick on top of opponent:     blow from right or stab (depends on point of time and opponent's action)
- leftclick on bottom of opponent:    blow from left or stab (depends on point of time and opponent's action)

The swordfight is time critical, too. But just keep cool:
- Don't forget to step forward to the right.
- To blindly fidget with your sword doesn't make sense. Rather look what your opponent is doing.
- When he is about to strike he is the most vulnerable. Wait and see, then react!
- Recently we stumbled on a long lost scroll dealing with offensive swordfight-tactics. However the old paper is not fully decipherable.
We just have been able to unravel the following words:  " top, fool, quick, change, bottom, stab ". Hope our translation is right.
From other sources we came to know that this tactics are promising rather with weaker opponents.

- Strength in swordfighting again is useful if you get the chance to free a kidnapped young Saxon damsel. However in this case you don't know the strength of your Norman opponent.
- If you free a Saxon ward, your strength in leading (otherwise strength in swordfight) will increase one step.

That's all we know.

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