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Welcome to Crown of Might for OS/2. Updated 09/12/2011
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CROWN OF MIGHT is set in Medieval England. It's the age of chivalry! King Richard has been assassinated and England needs a new King. Just to make it worse the Royal Crown has been stolen. A civil war breaks out and so begins the battle between 6 Lords to take over all of England. You get to join the action as one of 4 Saxon Lords. You start off with one castle and a tiny army, and must conquer other counties to boost your income and army. You get to fight computer simulated battles, fire a catapult at castle walls, raid enemy castles, send spies, go jousting and perhaps you get the chance to rescue a beautiful maiden in distress. Victory will not come easy, but should you succeed, you'll win the Crown of England and the love of many a beautiful damsel.

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